Subway Surfers gaming tips and tricks

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hack subway surfers
hack subway surfers

Subway surfers tips

Subway Surfers game for Android devices, in short, you run, you jump, and change lanes on the fly.
You think ... right? Of course not: the game is full of coins to collect which can then be used to buy upgrades, letters and power-ups premium that allow us to jump higher, with a magnet to attract coins currency, multiply your score and even fly through in a kind of jetpack powered paint, which will project beyond the electrical cables for several hundred meters.
The presence of three parallel tracks results in excellent variety in terms of the provision of obstacles of a game are randomly generated, so that we will never be faced with the same scenario.

Subway surfers hack apk
Among the items purchased there is also a beautiful hover card (like "Back to the Future 2") that gives us an extra life in case of impact, at least for a number of seconds.
The music that accompanies our race is a little repetitive, but it goes straight in the head and we are passionate as they grind meters. - this is the best app if you want to hack subway surfers
The character design is worthy of a comic book, and really surprised to find this quality in production costs.

Temple run and subway surferes comparation
The comparison with Temple Run, from this point of view, it is ruthless.
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